It was found that DSCL are the least expensive of the printing companies so I used this for each of the units where prints were required. The beauty of DSCL is that the website is pretty self explanatory in terms of how to upload the chosen photographs.

The images were selected in Bridge, and opened in camera RAW. The images were then saved as a JPEG and a new folder created in Pictures. The chosen images were selected and transferred after resizing to maximum, selecting the long side at 1500 pixels.

The main thing to remember is that the maximum print quality is 300dpi, so it doesn’t matter the size or print quality, as the end result will still be the same.


Once onto the DSCL web site the print quality needs to be selected. In unit 1 a standard gloss print was selected, at 6″ x 4″.
Unit 2 was a little more difficult as this was doing portraiture, so a different type of print quality was required. The chosen type was C-type, known as Hahnemuhle, of which there were two types, photo rag (305gms) or German etching (310gms). I opted for the latter, sized at 12″ x 9″. When the end results were compared with other students’ prints, it was not so easy to see the difference.
Unit 3 was the last set of prints to be printed. Here I chose a gloss print finish of 15″ x 10″.  The final result appears possibly too large, but 7 prints were selected from the 14 chosen.


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