Dreams/Reality II

Still a work in progress. Another thought was to concentrate on the benches in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and how people, and animals, interact with them.

The benches are the reality, a they are inanimate objects, so are totally static. However during the days, weeks, months and years that they exist their use varies greatly.

The challenge was to capture different interactions of people with the benches. Did they relate to the benches, or enter a world of their own? Was the interaction positive, negative, or simply passive? Was there an awareness of their surroundings, or a switching off of their senses? If there was more than one person using it, was there interaction? What was the reality? What were their thought processes?

Lastly I wanted to see if animals interacted with the benches. This was far harder, as fauna tended to vacate the benches as I approached, and rarely stayed for long enough to photograph, but I will continue to pursue this idea. Thankfully George, the peacock, did stay long enough for me to capture the image. Unfortunately, he moved before I could catch him looking at the brass plaque and looking a little bemused by his image!


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