Masking using Magic Wand in Photoshop

Select a photograph from the library and open it. In this instance the Magic Wand is being selected, which is the fourth tool down on the left hand tool bar. This icon also includes the Quick Selection Tool. The Magic Wand is a broad tool. It is advisable to zoom in, probably to 100% or 150%. The image can be moved around using the vertical and horizontal sliders. Select the Magic Wand and move the cursor to the area to mask.  Holding down the shift key, touch each area that is to be masked. The area masked is delineated by a moving broken line. If, at any point, an error occurs, select that layer, press delete and ok.
Afterwards select the background layer, double click and press ok.
Press the delete key, go to select on the banner bar, and choose deselect.
This will create a hatched area in the background. Select the background layer and drag below, creating a new layer. Select the paint bucket, the 13th tool on the left tool bar, select black (or any other preferred colour) and the hatched area will become that colour.
Each hatched area will have to be selected to change the background. Save.
If any area has been missed, repeat the process for the missed areas.

(Pictures to follow)


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